Bryan Brulotte - Unity. Prosperity. Compassion. #CanadaUnited

Call to Lead

Bryan has been in business in the National Capital Region since 1993.

By combining community service with business acumen his company, MaxSys Staffing and Consulting, has achieved outstanding success. With over 3,000 employees in Canada, it has been named the largest Canadian-owned staffing firm in the country.

For Bryan, MaxSys is more than just a company – it’s a community. With 14 offices nationwide and over 14,000 placements per year, Bryan directs his success towards helping, encouraging and supporting job seekers and employers alike.

Bryan’s career path:

  • CEO & Chairman, MaxSys Staffing and Consulting
  • Military Officer
  • Deputy Chief of Staff to the Minister Public Works Government Services Canada
  • Lecturer, University of Ottawa

“We have both the challenge and the responsibility to lead. Leading means having a vision and sharing it with others. Only when we inspire others with our own enthusiasm and optimism is it possible to work together and towards a common goal.”

Motivation. Inspiration. Results.